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a leak from babajayne.blogspot.com
How do you tell someone they're being a moron without hurting their feelings?  What if they let it go on so long they feel the need to be consistent even though they know they are wrong? 
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Do you know what Progeria is?  I didn't until last night... and I could hardly believe my eyes.  This must be the saddest disease I have ever seen.

I really don't know what to say about it.  I don't think I could ever be compassionate enough with my words.  I just thought I'd spread the awareness.  Check it out at http://www.progeriaresearch.org/index.html

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Come on... you know you want to. Have you ever watched Clean Sweep?

I have been resisting the urge to take everything out of there and give it a good cleaning! A fresh coat of paint would make a big difference in some rooms, followed by some organizational changes while putting back select items!

We could really use a new outdoor table to replace that big one that broke.  At the moment, the umbrella is roped to the corner of the deck since there's nothing to hold it up.  It's really sad.

Adam said the outhouse used to be clean and nice, with a pitcher of water and a wash basin.  As it is now, I avoid going in there as much as possible.

And wouldn't it be lovely if we had some newer sofas?  But that may have to wait a while.

I know we've talked about having a "work weekend" in the past, but it never worked out for some reason, and the Cottage is really neglected.  Let's make an effort to get this done this year so we can start the next season in comfort!  We need all the hands we can get for this and we'll have to take it one room at a time.  If we're going to do this, we should do it right.  I think we can do it in a 3-day weekend.  I'm motivated!  How about you?

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Adam ran the dishwasher the other day and it started leaking soap foam... or whatever you want to call it. I was in the other room and what did he do? He didn't tell me what was going on. He didn't put a towel on the floor. He put about 100 paper towels on the floor.

Then this morning while he poured some iced tea, he spilled a little of it on the counter. He reached for the paper towels and did that guy thing - you know what I'm talking about - as if he was playing tug of war with the paper towel holder, one hand over the other, pulling pulling pulling, till he had a handful of paper towels to clean up an ounce of fluid.

You could buy the select-a-size and it wouldn't matter. They are obsessed with balling up the paper towels. They crunch, they ball, they mummify. They waste.

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I can't get over how pretty this blog is. I think I like it better than the other one. So I'm going to start using this one instead. I suppose I'll move all my posts over from the last one when I get around to it.

My only problem so far is that I can't seem to post a poll properly. Or maybe you can only vote on it when you're logged in? Here is a test poll.

What is that in my user pic?

a quilt
a drawing
a field of flowers
a crocheted blanket
the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen

If you can't vote on it and you're logged in, please click the "Stuff It" link below (that means post a comment). If you can vote on it, vote so I know!
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I'm new here. My name is Barb. I came here to be able to view a private blog. So I had to make a username and password, of course, because you can't do anything online without one, apparently.

You get a photo album from someone as an email. You need a username and password to view it. Doesn't anybody know how to use PowerPoint?

When I had appendicitis a few months ago, I was hesitant to go to the hospital because I only suspected that was the cause of my stomach pain. I went to check my symptoms online. I googled it and the first 3 hits required registration to view! It was so frustrating! I was in a lot of pain, and so would a lot of people who might be searching for symptoms... they don't have time to pick a clue, they don't know which pet name to choose for it, they deserve to know if something is KILLING THEM without having to go through the third degree.

So that is why I have this journal but you know what? It's okay. I am just going to accept it.

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